Monday, May 16, 2011

truffle fries

Truffle fries: Making truffle fries in my own kitchen was a bit more satisfying than ordering them at a restaurant! They're almost as popular as "sliders", in fact they're usually found in restaurants paired together. This fad is almost on its way out of restaurants for sake of creativity demands, but nonetheless, delicious. I picked up this black truffle butter a few months ago at Williams-Sonoma for a steep $30... I justified its worth. I've melted it over grilled steaks, added it to my eggs, worked it into a cheese plate and just last night, melted it down and drizzled it over homemade french fries. It's easy! Cut a few potatoes (I left the skin on) into thin sticks, place them into a pan of fresh, hot oil for about 5 minutes or until browned. While they're browning place a spoonful of truffle butter with regular salted butter and melt (stove top or microwave), when fries are browned remove them from pan and pat them with paper towels and place into a mixing bowl, sprinkle sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and liberally drizzle your melted butter over the fries and voila you have yourself a high-quality, mouth-watering snack.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

puree pops for the kids

First you'll need these fill and freeze puree pops from Then you'll need a really cute kid who is ready to get his face messy. Lastly & most importantly you'll need my friend Jayne's easy recipe to put an instant smile on your tots face. Here it is:

Fill 1 cup with:

-plain yogurt

-1 mashed banana

-chopped up strawberries

-a drop of vanilla extract

-1/4 tsp of real maple syrup

Then place in freeze pop molds, place in the freezer and voila, a very happy kid. These are perfect for a teething baby or just a hungry one!